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Kaledo Style: Technical Fashion Design

Learn more about Lectra’s technical design solution, Kaledo Style. Easy-to-use, apparel-specific tools give designers the power to create new styles and carry over bestsellers to achieve reduced development time. Kaledo’s sketching and boarding tools go beyond simple flat sketches to create complete production-ready technical packs and ensure that garments are produced correctly.

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Getting ahead in fashion takes more than creativity.

Designers also need to stay on top of trends and reduce the time it takes to get products from the drawing
board to consumers.

Kaledo Style gives designers the means to take creative ideas to reality. Simple and effective apparel-
specific tools cut down the time needed to create new styles and carry over bestsellers. Range plans and
quick sketches jumpstart fast, visual concept development by turning creative trends into product ideas
quickly. And detailed specification and production instructions reduce the need for clarifications when
communicating product ideas to teams and suppliers.

Stay creative while sticking to budget, schedule, and production constraints with fashion-specific tools.


Make more informed style decisionsLectra Kaledo Style V2-V3 Download Setup Free Full 2
with the help of easy-to-assemble range
plans, color palettes, technical sketches,
and product specifications.





Lectra Kaledo Style V2-V3 Download Setup Free Full 3Eliminate confusion with detailed
production specification sheets that
combine clear visuals with vital
style and pattern information.


Lectra Kaledo Style V2-V3 Download Setup Free Full 4Work directly with Modaris and Modaris
PGS pattern files to visualize fabric
placement in patterns and Diamino


Lectra Kaledo Style V2-V3 Download Setup Free Full 5From simple seasonal palettes to complex fabric specifications, color communication is key. With the right
technology and process in place, you can see and share the same color with suppliers many miles away.
By managing color development, the colorway process, and color communication correctly, you can turn a
headache into an advantage and save money in the process.


//Address technical and creative needs while staying on-budget and on-schedule
//Build collections and make decisions based on clear product visuals
//Ensure accurate communication with suppliers through detailed product specification sheets


Lectra Kaledo Style V2-V3 Download Setup Free Full 6Lectra offers fashion solutions to product development challenges
around the globe. Our consultants have the expertise to advise and support apparel companies in design, development, and manufacturing, with an eye to achieving business objectives.
With support centers in North America, Europe, and Asia, Lectra is ready to address the challenges of complex development and sourcing requirements.
From textiles and colorways to sketches and samples, Lectra masters the entire
design development process: technical knowledge for developing wovens, prints,
and knits; color expertise for custom color-managed textile- and apparel-specific
communications; and best-practice workflows to maximize both creative and production
Lectra is a revolutionary end-to-end approach to the apparel development lifecycle.


Lectra Kaledo Style V2-V3 Download Setup Free Full 7


With nearly 40 years’ experience in fashion and apparel, Lectra’s mission is to provide a complete spectrum of design, development, and production solutions to confront 21-century challenges. From first creative spark to final product, our professional services address an end-to-end process. We support the day-to-day operations of our customers in over 100 countries for around-the-clock process optimization.
From fast fashion to luxury to ready-to-wear, Lectra’s 23,000 customers in markets as diverse as casual, sports, outdoor, denim, and lingerie represent every development and sourcing model imaginable. Beyond suppliers and manufacturers, they are the brands you love  and the stores where you shop.

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