OpTitex O/15.3 – What’s New Version ?

WHAT’S NEW? OpTitex O/15.3


Optitex O/15.3 allows you to see photorealistic 3D renderings of your designs to make better decisions, faster. Save time in the
product development stage with advanced lining, seam and pleat capabilities, and further optimize fabric usage to reduce cutting errors and increase your productivity.

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Photorealistic 3D (PR3D) ( Add-On Module)
• Create accurate 3D renderings with the most realistic detailing possible
• View fully enhanced fabric details and textures, including different lighting and shading
• Gain an accurate picture of real finished products, for faster decision making
• Use photorealistic 3D images to support your sales and marketing processes
• Supports interactive rendering and background rendering offline

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Magic Glove + Pin
• Gain more control over the simulation environment, for a better picture of each piece
• Add or remove pins during 3D simulation to anchor the cloth and prevent draping or motion

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OpTitex O/15.3 - What's New Version ? 5

360° Snapshot
• Take a snapshot of the rendering and create an image file
• Generate a 360° turntable view of your design and upload it to the  Optitex Digital Collection app to showcase your collection, or display it on your website
• Share photorealistic 3D images with colleagues, collaborators and customers for quicker decision-making


Advanced Pleats
Pleat and dart pleat closing length
• Mark a closing area for a pleat or dart-pleat
• Save time and explore more design options
• Useful throughout the full production cycle from design, through  plotting and marking
Segment swap for darts pleats and pleats
• Swap between external and internal lines on a closed dart-pleat and pleat and pleat, to easily create a smooth line in the design
• Enjoy a more efficient pattern making workflow
Enhanced Seams
Create the exact seam line you want, including complex round and arc seams.
• Match seam corners – Perfectly match any two pieces together, in less time and fewer steps
• Round and arc seams – Easily create complex seams for slits, pleats, kick-pleats, arc seams, and round seam corners
• 5 additional seam corner types – Gain more flexibility during design

OpTitex O/15.3 - What's New Version ? 6

Automated Lining
Automatically create precise dimensions for the lining seams based on the outer piece.
• Change seam values without calculating the parameters for each piece
• Save time and improve accuracy, ensuring linings that fit perfectly in place

OpTitex O/15.3 - What's New Version ? 7


Marker and Nesting Optimization
Optimize your fabric usage and work more efficiently with new production capabilities.
• Parallel Nesting (Add-On Module) – Run multiple nesting processes simultaneously, to save time and increase your productivity
• Spacing Ooptimizer (Add-On Module) – Reduce cutting errors with automatic, optimized spacing of pieces on each marker

• Shading constraint optimization – Improve utilization by up to 2-3% to get the most use of your shaded fabric.

OpTitex O/15.3 - What's New Version ? 8

Batch Marker Creator (Add-On Module)
Streamline your workflow and save time by aggregating multiple PDS files for marking and nesting.
• Define parameters such as material, sizes, and quantities for a group of PDS files, and automatically compile the files together to create single or multiple markers
• Add markers per material, per PDS, or per style


Enhanced Roll Management
Better utilize your fabric inventory, with improved integration of your stock data into your cut room order.
• Automatic allocation of individual rolls to specific markers now takes into account shrinkage and shading, as well as width
• Increase productivity and reduce errors by importing sizes, colors, and quantities from your database

 Using Photorealistic 3D

This video demonstrates how to use Photorealistic 3D. Photorealistic 3D is a new rendering mode that allows you to view your 3D sample in the most realistic manner possible. You can control the lighting via the Lighting Editor and once you have your sample take snapshots to share with others.

Using Customized Seam Tools

You can use customized seams tools when you want to create rounded seam corners, arc seams and wave seams. This video desmonstrates how to use the customized seam tools in a pattern.

Marker Improvements -Shading Constraint

You can use the new Shading option when nesting in order to impove the nesting results and effiiciency. This video demonstrates what the results look like before and after turning on the Shading Optimizer.

Swap Segment Tools for Dart/Pleats

You can use the new Swap Segment tool when you want to reshape the contour by swapping between internal and external segments which include dart, dart-pleats and pleats. This videos demonstrates how to swap segments of a dart.

Adjusting the Seam Values for Multiple Seams (Lining)

You can use the “Adjust Seam” feature when you want to update the seam value for one or multiple seams at the same time. This video demonstrates the steps invloved for changing the seam value quickly and efficiently.

Marker Improvements – Spacing Optimizer

You can use the new Spacing option when nesting in order to improve the nesting results when you have small pieces and you want more space between the pieces (to improve cutting results). This video demonstrates how the nesting looks before and after turning on the Spacing optimizer.

CutPlan – Fabric Rolls Improvements

We have improved the workflow for creating cut orders with fabric rolls, allowing you to import fabric rolls with new fields: shrinkage width, shinkage length and shade. You can also group your materials and import colors and quantities when creating a cut order with fabric rolls. This video demonstartes the new improvements and how to use them.

Closing Marks in Pleats/Dart-Pleats

You can now define closing marks when creating Pleats and/Dart Pleats. You can also turn on the closing marks for viewing in the PDS via (View Attributes) as well as view the closing marks in the Plotter and Marker.  This videos demonstrates how to create closing marks, turn them on/off and how to see the marks in the Plotter as well as Marker.

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