PatternMaker Studio And 20 Add-on Pattern Garment Collection


 PatternMaker Studio And 20 Add-on Pattern Garment Collection 1


PatternMaker Marker Studio is an extended version of PatternMaker’s Professional Studio and Grading Studio that features marker making. PatternMaker Marker is for any manufacturer that wants to make its own production markers.

The Marker Studio lets you perform all the functions in the production process, from initial pattern design to altering and grading to printing production markers, from the same software package.
The Marker Studio includes all the CAD-based drafting tools as the Professional Studio, and all the grading features and digitizer support of the Grading Studio, and adds:


PatternMaker Marker Studio’s marking features help you arrange the piece in a marker; determine how efficient your arrangement is; and track information for costing and production purposes.
  • Arrange – Move pieces into place on the marker while making sure they don’t overlap
  • Define Piece – Keep the non-marker parts of your pattern (words, stitch lines, etc.) out of view while you work with marker pieces
  • Marker Report – Information such as yardage required, efficiency, style name, material group, and more


All PatternMaker versions work automatically with any Windows-driven printing or plotting device. This means you can produce pages up to 48” wide. While Windows itself does not support printing devices wider than 48”, a manufacturer can provide its own printer drivers for a specific printer or plotter.
The add-on patterns run with the PatternMaker program to create patterns. You will need to install PatternMaker (any license level) before these add-ons will run. The program comes in several different license levels, with different features, but the patterns are the same regardless of which license level you use.
Once you’ve purchased a pattern collection, it’s yours; there are no more costs associated with it. You can just choose to upgrade your PatternMaker program if your needs change in the future.


The designer of each collection decides what pattern features to offer. Some add-on patterns are extensively customized, with dozens of possible style combinations to choose from and using a whole range of body measurements. Other add-ons may only be offered in a certain size or range of sizes with no measurement inputs at all. We have add-on patterns for clothing, costumes, lingerie, crafts, even program utilities! The descriptions of each collection and each individual pattern will describe its features.
The add-on patterns can be purchased in two ways:
  • the “plug-in” format, which can be used after some version of the engine is already installed
  • the LaunchPad format, which is the pattern collection and the Basic Reader version of the engine bundled together-available at shows or from online retailers.
(Once the Basic Reader is installed with your first purchase, you can use the plug-in format for additional collections.)
PatternMaker Studio And 20 Add-on Pattern Garment Collection 2
PatternMaker Studio And 20 Add-on Pattern Garment Collection 3
PatternMaker Studio And 20 Add-on Pattern Garment Collection 4
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Pass 20 Add-on
Women’s Vol. 1. ——> L1-5637GH
Women’s Vol. 2.——> L2-4412AC
SuperSkirt ——> LSkt-3351BC
SuperPants ——> LPnt-5766AD
SuperJacket/Dress.—> LJkt-9375CC
Rain Cape —–> RC-7333FC
Women’s Raglan —–> Ra-6486GA
Outerwear —–> Out-4887FA
Newborn’s ——> B2-9486GA
Men’s/Young Men’s/—> MB-9688FD
Men’s ——> MB-9688FD
Maternity/Nursing/—> Ma-8919BD
SuperLingerie ——> Li-6365CG
Hats & Caps —–> Hat-4445BD
Dog Suit —–> Dog-8688DA
Women’s Coat/Robe/ —> Coat-6827AB
Basic Blocks ——> BB-9043DA
Juniors ——> G1-6641FF
Babies’  ——> B1-2523DD
Children’s ——> C1-1888CA
WomenRenaissance ——> DaVinci136
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