Lectra Diamino V6R3: What’s New ?

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Lectra DiaminoV6R3

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INTRODUCTION Lectra Diamino V6R3: What’s New ?

Lectra Diamino V6R3 is a tool for preparing markers and marker lists and for processing them automatically or interactively.
The solution is used in various customer processes:
-Analyzing material consumption in the design department for better control of product costs and to make quick decisions about modifications and product choices.
-Defining markers for cutting prototypes or samples for validation.
-Calculating the material to order in preparation for production.
-Preparing the markers required for production.
-Making markers urgently in response to new constraints or for recuts during production.

Lectra Diamino V6R3 addresses these key material-related factors on which your company’s success relies, introducing numerous advantages in continuity with the previous version.
Successfully manage material consumption, control material costs, avoid overstocks and manage the complex cycles of fashion throughout the life of your products.

    With Lectra Diamino V6R3, automatic processing of markers in the Cloud becomes the new norm, accessible to everyone!
    *With Quick Estimate, keep products at their target price at all times and increase the autonomy of design department teams in pre-costing activities
    -Estimate the impact on material consumption of every modification during the product development process
    -Produce accurate pre-costings
    -Establish accurate prices before collection reviews and improve your adoption rate

    *With Quick Nest, eliminate bottlenecks and accelerate the development and supply processes
    -Achieve optimal efficiency with the power of the Cloud
    -Respond more quickly and easily to urgent needs and peaks in activity

    *Avoid placing additional stress on your internal systems
    -Quick Estimate and Quick Nest use Cloud technology to give you:
    *Unlimited processing and storage capacity
    *Highly secure data
    *Exceptional scalability
    *Global access and easier collaboration
    *Optimized costs
    *Interactive nesting is available as an option and attractive transition credits are available.
    Functional advances make Lectra Diamino V6R3 the best solution on the market for quick and efficient
    marker processing.
    *Automatic nesting offers even more automated functions for greater speed
    -Automatic separation and positioning of double pieces on different motif offsets (ideal for markers on scalloped lace, among other uses)
    -Automatic processing of fuse blocks
    -Automatic repositioning of small pieces in free spaces with no impact on efficiency, for better cut quality

    *Greater ease of use for a better user experience
    -More direct navigation between Marker Manager and Marker Maker
    -Notification of the number of lists waiting in Diamino Expert
    -Easy multi-selection of motif categories
    -More variable fields for the creation of naming rules
    -Improved management of spacing on all 4 piece edges

    *More control for a better process
    -Logos displayed inside pieces in the marker
    -Display of average consumption on the Marker Manager sheet

    *A better workflow for markers with motifs to save time
    -Background image insertion in Marker Manager with interaction in the image for stripe placement
    -Tilt around the motif point in interactive mode

    *Clearer exports, reports and full-size prints for better communication
    -Full-size marker printing with the background image in color on an HP Deskjet Color A0 printer
    -Marker thumbnail display in the report header
    -Enlarged marker display in the free space at the bottom of the report
    2.1 Automation functions executable via Quick Nest
    The options usable only via the Quick Nest service can be recognized by the presence of a cloud icon.
    2.1.1 Separation of double pieces
    Designed for use with markers on lace, this function can assign separate motif wefts to pieces that together form a double piece.
    Until now, it was necessary to separate the “left” and “right” pieces in the Modaris CAD and assign them to their respective wefts.
    This separation is now handled by an additional constraint specifying the weft to which the symmetrical piece of a double piece should be linked.
    This simplifies CAD preparation by reducing the number of variants for a given model, and improves communication between patternmaker and marker maker.
Lectra Diamino V6R3: What's New ? 1

2.1.2 Automatic fuse block creation
A new “fuse” configuration function can be used to specify the rules of the piece grouping strategy and the shape and dimension of fuse blocks. These rules are used to configure automatic fuse block creation during automatic marker processing in the main fabric.
The “fuse rules” input form can be accessed via the “Automatic Lists” workshop in Marker Manager. The rule will then be populated with the Automatic List parameters when Quick
Nest is called up.

Lectra Diamino V6R3: What's New ? 2

Automatic fuse block creation is managed only by the Quick Nest automatic nesting service and helps to improve and accelerate the production process by automatically creating fuse blocks – a manual operation until now.

2.1.3 Repositioning of small pieces in free spaces
A new option in the “Automatic Lists” workshop enables a function that spaces out or moves small pieces, without loss of efficiency.
This new functionality improves cut quality in particular, by moving small pieces away from larger pieces where possible, to reduce the risk of overlapping or cut quality problems.

2.2 Ease of use
2.2.1 Navigation between Marker Manager and Marker Making
When Marker Making is called up from Marker Manager, the marker is automatically opened.
If it is called up from the “Marker” workshop, the current marker is opened. If it is called up from the “Sheet” workshop, the first marker displayed on the sheet is automatically opened.
2.2.2 Notification of the number of lists waiting
Requests in error from Diamino Expert are now protected by a control mechanism which notifies the user of the existence of lists of markers currently being processed.

Lectra Diamino V6R3: What's New ? 3

A message indicates the number of lists and offers to cancel the request. This control mechanism can be disabled to restore normal functioning.

2.2.3 Multi-selection of motif categories
To make the assignment of several motif categories to a fabric constraint more reliable, the selection tool has been replaced by a motif category selector allowing multi-selection.

Lectra Diamino V6R3: What's New ? 4

2.2.4 Improved naming rule
To make the automatic marker naming tool more flexible and to conform to our customers’ naming standards, the automatic naming system for markers allows the use of several variable fields that can be inserted in various positions in the marker name.
It is therefore possible to include up to 5 input values in the marker name to be created.

Lectra Diamino V6R3: What's New ? 5

2.2.5 Spacing on the 4 piece edges
Until now, spacing management on the 4 sides of a piece has been managed by a constraint specific to each piece. Now, when the overall spacing is entered for the marker, this value can be differentiated by entering one value for each piece edge.
This simplifies the use of spacing when applied to all the nested pieces, particularly where there is a motif, because it anticipates the risks of overlapping on fabrics where the motif is unstable.

Lectra Diamino V6R3: What's New ? 6

2.3 Control functions
2.3.1 Logo display on nested pieces
You can now display logos on nested pieces. Reminder: logos are associated with pieces at an earlier stage, using the Modaris® software.
This function can be used once the logos folder access path has been configured and the logo display option enabled.
Useful for checking purposes, this function, combined with background image display, can be used in processes where a piece needs to be nested in an exact location on the fabric.

Lectra Diamino V6R3: What's New ? 7

2.3.2 Display of average consumption on the marker sheet
The sheet now has new columns available including:
-A column displaying the nesting area (length x width)
-A column displaying the average consumption obtained by dividing the marker length by the number of variants nested.

These new columns are configurable like the other columns in the grid, via the grid configuration.
This new information improves marker verification and can be exported to external systems in the CSV sheet export format.

Lectra Diamino V6R3: What's New ? 8

2.4 Motif placement functions
2.4.1 Background image assignment in Marker Manager
This additional function in Marker Manager has the main advantage of simplifying the process for the user, particularly when a marker is to be processed automatically.
Until now, users had to open Marker Making in order to associate a background image with a marker, which added an extra step to the marker preparation phase.
A background image can now be assigned in Marker Manager, once the marker has been defined.
In the Marker tab, a new “Background image” module is used to select the background image and adjust its attributes (brightness, centering, offset, etc.).

Lectra Diamino V6R3: What's New ? 9

All the information entered in this new module can be saved in the marker template and reused later on in the “Sheet” workshop, to create markers in bulk on the same fabric.
The Motif module also adds additional features to the definition of motifs with multiple wefts. The background image can now be superimposed on the drawing of the motif wefts, and used to position the motif wefts accurately on the image using the mouse.

Lectra Diamino V6R3: What's New ? 10

2.4.2 Rotation around the motif point
Designed for markers on lace, this functionality supplements the rotation functions in interactive nesting, enabling a piece to be tilted around its motif point, which is used as the center of rotation.
A rotation duplication feature for identical pieces accompanies this function.
To make the most of this function, it should be seen as an adjustment function to be used once all the pieces have been nested on their respective motif wefts.

Lectra Diamino V6R3: What's New ? 11

2.5 Reports, exports and printing
2.5.1 Marker printing with the background image
It is now possible to plot a marker with its background image at full scale on an HP
-Deskjet Color A0 printer.
-This function is useful in processes where the printed marker serves as a technical specification for manual cutting, and it therefore improves communication with subcontractors.
-Previously, this specification was provided using alternative tools (image copy). Now, DiaminoFashion offers an improved print function via the JustPrint software.
-This functionality is accessible even if JustPrint has been enabled from the Windows desktop.

2.5.2 “Background image” thumbnail in the Marker report
The Marker report prepared by Marker Manager can now have the background image added as a thumbnail to the report header.

2.5.3 Enlarged Marker thumbnail in the Marker report
To improve the Marker documentation, the marker thumbnail can now be printed in the lower section of the page. For clarity, using a sufficiently high resolution is recommended.
However, the image is only an illustration with improved legibility. If specific information is needed, using JustPrint to generate a PDF image that contains the required analytical information is recommended.

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