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Build Version: 15.2.300

Release Date: August 30th, 2015

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O/15 PDS New Features

The following new features/improvements were implemented in the PDS in version O/15:

Defect IDTypeIssueVersionDescription
PDSD-175ImprovementDart-Pleat – An indicator has been added for the closing length in the Marker.O/15.2Implemented
PDSD-284ImprovementSetup – Plugins have been added to the main setup.O/15.2Implemented
PDSD-59ImprovementSeams – Can now see when an Arc Seam has been edited in the Edit Arc dialog.O/15.2Implemented
PDSD-147ImprovementPleats – Now displays the closing length in the 2D pattern of a closed section.O/15.2Implemented
PDSD-81ImprovementSeam – “Move point” dialog has been added when creating seams.O/15.2Implemented
PDSD-26ImprovementMeasurement Chart – A new dialog has been added to easily copy and paste grading when creating variation grading.O/15.2Implemented
PDSD-173ImprovementDart Pleat – Can now define a closing length in the Dart-Pleat dialog.O/15.2Implemented
PDSD-20ImprovementUI – now support HiDPI icons.O/15.2Implemented
21493New FeatureA new shortcut/hotkey has been implemented for grade points and curve points. NumPad1 for grading, NumPad2 for curve attributes.O/15Implemented
22879ImprovementYou can now lock/unlock guidelines.O/15Implemented
23924ImprovementWhen reporting to Excel, if piece was set to “Fill by Material” the piece color will be the same as the material color.O/15Implemented
24104New FeatureWhen moving a point using the Move Point Tool, the Segment Length now appears interactively next to the cursor.O/15Implemented
25395ImprovementA new scale mode “shrinkage  factor” has been implemented to compensate for the amount of growth in pieces to match the actual shrinkage amount.O/15Implemented
25426New ToolThe full segment length is now displayed during drafting.O/15Implemented
25766New FeatureCan now use the SDK to plug into PDS’s database.O/15Implemented
25875New FeatureA new tool has been added in the Grading menu: “select grade points”O/15Implemented
25915Minor ImprovementThe Grading Table dialog has been improved.O/15Implemented
26354Minor ImprovementTwo new buttons have been added to the Collaborate dialog: “New Folder” and “Browse for Folder”.O/15Implemented
26398Minor ImprovementA “Remember me” option has been added to the Login dialog in Collaborate so you do not have to enter your login details each time.O/15Implemented
26553Minor ImprovementIf a layer is a variant you will not be able to publish during collaboration.O/15Implemented
26613Minor ImprovementWhen publishing, a confirmation message now displays.O/15Implemented
26625Minor ImprovementThe last selected file type is now saved in open 3D models.O/15Implemented
26627Minor ImprovementIf the file includes grading, “By Piece Name” is now available in Preferences > Colors > Setting> Contour Line.O/15Implemented



26718Minor ImprovementAll content of the CollaborateTemp folder now behaves like the FSCreate.log i.e., user login is deleted after logging  in.O/15Implemented



26735EnhancementQuick partial selection of pieces in Style Sets is now available.O/15Implemented



26768Minor ImprovementYou can now choose a background color for the Gaps in the Fabric Pattern dialog.O/15Implemented



26814Minor ImprovementYou will now receive an alert when removing pieces from a Style set.O/15Implemented



26266Change RequestA user interface for HP-GL units in plotter setting dialog box was added.O/15Implemented



26267Change RequestWhen generating Gerber cut files, you can now select metric or English units.O/15Implemented



26724New FeatureYou can now save a file as read only.O/15Implemented
26981Change RequestYou can now plot all plotting pages in one command.O/15Implemented



27004EnhancementYou can now save plot files without an extension.O/15Implemented
27011EnhancementPleat in 3D-2D supportO/15Implemented
28264Minor ImprovementNew registry key “UseOldFormats” in 3DView/Export section.O/15Implemented
28342Minor Improvement



New Optitex logo implemented.O/15Implemented

O/15 PDS Fixes

The following fixes have been implemented in the PDS in version O/15:

Defect IDTypeIssueVersionDescription
PDSD-283BugDart – When closing a dart, the PDS crashed.O/15.2Implemented
PDSD-296BugDigitizer – The software crashed when opening the Digitizer window.O/15.2Implemented
PDSD-73BugGuidelines – when creating new guidelines they disappeared.O/15.2Implemented
PDSD-124BugUAC – Drag and Drop on Windows with UAC did not work.O/15.2Implemented
PDSD-102BugInteractive guideline – created with large offset.O/15.2Implemented
PDSD-177BugImport – astm files cannot be converted.O/15.2Implemented
PDSD-218BugZoom selection (CTRL+Home and Shift+Home) didn’t leave spare around the pattern piece.O/15.2Implemented
PDSD-226BugInteractive Guidelines –  (Advanced Snap)produced snapped points and notches in the middle of the segment.O/15.2Implemented
PDSD-188BugCTRL+R hot key doesn’t work.O/15.2Implemented
PDSD-117BugMap Zone – Can’t build Map Zone.O/15.2Implemented
25700BugA half piece opened incorrectly with an external contour.O/15Implemented
26762BugRe-sizing style sets column was reset when saving.O/15Implemented
26791BugA custom corner wasn’t converted correctly from Modaris 5 by Converter 3.O/15Implemented
20091BugCutter “Lectra Iso Cut” must work with miniLine=1O/15Implemented
21011BugPasteCopySign 201107-3743O/15Implemented
27690BugOrder of stitches was distorted when new pleat was added on a mirrored piece.O/15Implemented
12667BugAdd grading points after cut “multi vertical cutting”O/15Implemented
25128BugText appears as description instead of piece name.O/15Implemented
25674BugFile that was saved in new version had the wrong placement when loading in an older version.O/15Implemented
27412BugWhen opening a backup file, the history disappeared.O/15Implemented
28044BugThe seam is shown when set to 0.O/15Implemented

O/15 3D New Features

The following new features and enhancements have been implemented in 3D in version O/15:

Defect IDTypeIssueVersionDescription
TD-593EnhancementHQR – Automatic Update is now turned off so you can change the segment shape.O/15.2Implemented
TD-139New FeatureMagic Glove – Can now add a pin to keep the Magic Glove going during simulation.O/15.2Implemented
TD-141Enhancement3D Properties – Resolution
The default resolution of mesh is now 1.2 cm.
23117Minor ImprovementIf you double click on a stitch, the Properties dialog now opens.O/15Implemented
23822Minor ImprovementThe “inside dart” option was added to 2D Dart properties (for 3D Dart-Pleat).O/15Implemented
26024New FeatureA new window “Diagnostics” has been implemented so you can see all warning and errors that occur during stitching and/or simulation.O/15Implemented
26025New FeatureSplit connection point.O/15Implemented
26026New FeatureInternal curve on external.O/15Implemented
26027New FeatureTriple stitches error old/newO/15Implemented
26028New FeatureSplit triple stitchesO/15Implemented
27044New FeatureMagic Glove simulation improvementsO/15Implemented
27789Minor ImprovementAddition of “pleat overlap direction” marker.O/15Implemented
27924Minor ImprovementPhoto Realistic Rendering button should be disabled when 3D window is empty.O/15Implemented

O/15 3D Fixes

The following fixes have been implemented in the 3D Creator in version O/15:

Defect IDTypeIssueVersionDescription
TD-414BugRigid Parts – MOD segment shapes did not show on the correct side of the lapel fold line.O/15.2Implemented
TD-784BugStitching – The offset stitch in a negative value now shows in black.O/15.2Implemented
TD-547BugHQR – The 5th logo in HQR did not display if the shader type was not the default.O/15.2Implemented
TD-536BugExport – When exporting logos the mesh was defected and vertices were floating.O/15.2Implemented
TD-491BugShaders – An article shader type didn’t follow the Variant shader type after saving.O/15.2Implemented
TD-489BugExport FBX – When exporting logos to FBX there was a  tile mesh issue.O/15.2Implemented
TD-487BugShaders – Creating/duplicating shader should select new shader (regression vs 12.6).O/15.2Implemented
TD-477BugStitches – When creating a corner radius with a resolution, resolution goes back to default when reopening. .O/15.2Implemented
TD-329BugSave – When saving a CLT file with a segment shape, the offest is wrong when using “Use Thickness.”O/15.2Implemented
TD-326BugHQR – The texture offset is wrong in HQR, if the image is scaled.O/15.2Implemented
TD-276BugStitches – The stitch on an internal line did not showing in the inseam area.O/15.2Implemented
TD-259BugDynamic Update – Texture attribute (flip) from 3D prop. doesn’t work.O/15.2Implemented
TD-237BugTexture – When using “Flip texture” in 3D Properties did not work.  
TD-132BugHQR – Color not fully visible in HQR.O/15.2Implemented
22774BugA Visual stitch for a layer was placed wrong.O/15Implemented
25371BugThe rotate RP was done according to the axis of the start of stitch curve.O/15Implemented
25753BugThe layering logic was reversed in the back location piece group.O/15Implemented
25805BugThe segment shape turn option with offset was limited.O/15Implemented
27030BugCan’t change piece resolution from 3D properties for files saved with 3D.O/15Implemented
27031BugRefine/Simplify cloth was disabled for files saved with 3D.O/15Implemented
25740BugPercentage of progress bar issuesO/15Implemented
27622BugResolution should be updated if the bend value is modified.O/15Implemented
27625BugWhen change cannot be supported dynamically, need to display warning on disconnection.O/15Implemented
27654BugLoss of HQR shader type.O/15Implemented
27660BugPipes were wavy (regression)O/15Implemented
27911BugTooltips missing on buttons.O/15Implemented
28032BugSmoothing defaultsO/15Implemented
27814BugLimit of 4 logos in HQRO/15Implemented
27480BugRendering artificatsO/15Implemented
27853CrashWhen turning on HQR during simulation PDS crashesO/15I

O/15 Marker New Features

The following enhancements and new features were implemented in the Marker in version O/15:

Defect IDTypeIssueVersionDescription
The closing length behavior has been improved.
MARK-200EnhancementPleat – 2D Pleat closing length now displays in the marker.O/15.2Implemented
MARK-251EnhancementPlot – now shows the Dart-Pleat closing length.O/15.2Implemented
MARK-219EnhancementPlot – Leave the plot option in the multi selection window for additional selection.O/15.2Implemented
MARK-207EnhancementBatch –  The ‘Leather Nesting” Tag has been added to the NESTING command.O/15.2Implemented
MARK-183EnhancementShell – Now supports pieces without materials.O/15.2Implemented
MARK-78EnhancementShell –  Added an option to ‘Apply to All’ in the Nesting window.O/15.2Implemented
MARK-79EnhancementShell –  The Search window now opens correctly.O/15.2Implemented
MARK-65EnhancementShell – The Update option has been removed from the Multi Command window when starting from a PDS file.O/15.2Implemented
MARK-33EnhancementShell – The main screen now opens at launch.O/15.2Implemented
MARK-18EnhancementShell – A Queue option has bene added.O/15.2Implemented
MARK-9EnhancementShell – Can now use more than one Material per marker.O/15.2Implemented
MARK-11EnhancementShell – Order Creation dialog. You can now select the direction per size (Alternative placing).O/15.2Implemented
MARK-57EnhancementShell – Can now build markers by materials from PDS files.O/15.2Implemented
19466GUI ChangeNew option: “Color by Style Size” If you have a few styles, each size in each style will be in a different color.O/15Implemented
22616Minor ImprovementYou can now select multiple marker files when using merged files.O/15Implemented
24209EnhancementWhen exporting to Excel, the efficiency rate on the status bar now displays in 2 digits beyond the decimal pointO/15Implemented
24630Minor ImprovementA new option “Lift and Plunge” has been added to the Plotter/Cutter Setup dialog. This parameter is useful in making global changes to the cutting operation.O/15Implemented
25375Minor ImprovementYou can now display/hide pleat dash lines.O/15Implemented
25527Change RequestYou can now filter according to object sizes in the Global Change Internal dialog.O/15Implemented
25643Minor ImprovementYou can now move the baseline according to internal text.O/15Implemented
25659Minor Improvement‘Move Marker Name to Note’ as defaultO/15Implemented
25878Change RequestNestlib – OffsetO/15Implemented
25879Change RequestNestlib – GroupingO/15Implemented
26162Minor ImprovementA batch command has been added for plot description when plotting.O/15Implemented
26962Minor ImprovementA batch command for Move Marker Name to Note has been added.O/15Implemented
26266Change RequestA user interface for HP-GL units in plotter setting dialog box was added.O/15Implemented
26267Change RequestWhen generating Gerber cut files, you can now select metric or English units.O/15Implemented
26724New FeatureYou can now save a file as read onlyO/15Implemented
26981Change RequestYou can now plot all plotting pages in one command.O/15Implemented
27004EnhancementYou can now save plot files without an extension.O/15Implemented

O/15 Marker Fixes

The following fixes have been implemented in the Marker in version O/15:

Defect IDTypeIssueVersionDescription
MARK-270BugReport to excel –  Internals exported in the wrong unit.O/15.2Implemented
MARK-264BugExport/Import: When exporting/importing a zip the Nesting Queue was greyed out.O/15.2Implemented
MARK-253BugPiece Description Adjustment does not adjust the pieces correctly.O/15.2Implemented
MARK-250BugNesting – Instant nesting not working when network key is in use (Regression).O/15.2Implemented
21969BugCheck what the meaning by “Yield” and “Average per garment”O/15Implemented
25320BugThe path or file name could not be deleted from the Preferences.O/15Implemented

O/15 General New Features

The following enhancements have been implemented in version O/15:

Defect IDTypeIssueVersionDescription
IS-778EnhancementSample Pack – Gems have been added to the sample pack.O/15.2Implemented
CONV-38EnhancementLectra CAD (Modaris V7R2) – mdl files now convert correctly.O/15.2Implemented
LP-22New FeatureOn-Line Activation for non-SRM plugs.O/15.2Implemented
IS-726EnhancementInstallation – Now have one bundle for all.O/15.2Implemented
CONV-40EnhancementLectra – 7.2  models are now supported.O/15.2Implemented
26280Minor ImprovementLabel I in conveter1O/15Implemented

O/15 General Fixes

The following fixes have been implemented in version O/15:

Defect IDTypeIssueVersionDescription
CONV-23BugLectra – External notches were not exported correctly.O/15.2Implemented
CONV-2BugGerber – When converting there was a grading issue.O/15.2Implemented
CONV-4BugLectra – When opening a converted file, the  external V notch was inverted.O/15.2Implemented
CONV-13BugGerber – Inverted grading when importing.O/15.2Implemented
23094BugThe baseline was missing in converted pieces.O/15Implemented
26220BugWhen converting pattern piece names with more than 9 digits from Lectra to PDS, the names were cut off.O/15Implemented

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